Most experts agree that without a major improvement in America’s science and math education system, our current manufacturing sector will fall short of a true renaissance.  As of 2012, U.S. high school students ranked a dismal 30th and 23rd in math and science globally. This stat is critical because the jobs of the future will demand a high level of STEM training, so we are falling behind every year.

It is with in mind that we look at a new project, STEAM, that is taking a different approach to helping American’s students compete in the challenging world market. While most STEM-related programs focus on just science and math, STEAM brings in a focus on arts education (it’s the extra A). According to their website, art education helps encourage creativity, which spurs innovation, and thus create new industries. For years, our schools have taken arts out of the curriculum, treating them like trivialities instead of necessities. We constantly hear about how students in Asia and Europe beat us in science and math, but it is also true that they receive intensive arts training as well. Both the folks at STEAM and Ring Masters believe that it is a big mistake to overlook this salient fact.  Over everything else, our goal should be to produce students and workers who can innovative.   Since our founding, it is this skill that has always set Americans apart from the rest of the world. If we hope to stay a leader in manufacturing, we cannot forget the arts.

To learn more about STEAM and their unique project, check out their website today.

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