Celebrating 10 Years with Ring Masters!

Everyone at Ring Masters is excited and proud to be celebrating our 10th anniversary! It all started back on October 27, 2003, when our founders were blessed to have the opportunity to purchase the retaining ring portion of the famed Eaton Corporation. The “Eaton Style Ring” was and still is the industry standard when it comes to constant section wire formed retaining rings. Needless to say, it was a fantastic building block to expand upon. Today Ring Masters offers a wide variety of internal and external retaining rings, along with specialty products and services.

It is important to note that when we launched Ring Masters, we had more in mind than just taking advantage of an amazing business opportunity. For us, the creation of Ring Masters was also a chance to keep manufacturing jobs here in Ohio. The odds are good that if we had not started Ring Masters, Eaton’s retaining ring business would have ended up overseas. To us, “Made in America” is more than just a talking point; it is the essence of who we are.  We firmly believe our ability to thrive for the past 10 years is due in no small part to our commitment to American-made products. Around the world, “Made in America” stands for the highest-quality and finest craftsmanship available and to us it means creating a strong America for our children

So, what does the future hold for Ring Masters?  Our retaining rings are already a mainstay in the automotive industry, so our plan is to remain strong with our established clients all while expanding into other cutting-edge fields that demand high quality, cost-effective retaining rings. We believe we can accomplish great things by maintaining our commitment to quality, customer service, and keeping everything American made!

If you want to learn more about Ring Masters’ 10th Anniversary, please contact us today. To discover how you can aid our mission to keep and bring back manufacturing to America, check out the American Made Matters website!

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