Alternative Surface Grinding: Double Faced Grinding & Hypro-Lapping

At Ring Masters, we are on a never-ending quest to create the tightest and most-uniform tolerances. To do so, we rely on two processes, Double Faced Grinding and Hypro Lapping.  Much like running an object between a folded piece of sandpaper, both create flatness on  LOGOboth sides of a warped or distorted surface with abrasion.  Despite these similarities, both also bring their own unique benefits to the table.

  • Double Faced or Double Disc Grinding

Ring Masters’ double faced grinding process allows for a high degree of precision on the radial width of our retaining rings. Thanks to an array of well-maintained equipment dedicated to these processes, along with a highly skilled workforce, we can hold tolerances as tight as +/- .0005″ for dimensional tolerances. Despite being labor intensive due to the fact you have to manually pass your item through the process, it is great when your ring must be flat for a high performance application or to fit a tight groove.

  • Hypro Lapping

Hypro lapping uses the same basic technique as double faced grinding. There are a few critical differences. First, hypro lapping is done in a horizontal position, compared to double faced grinding which is done vertically. Hypro lapping also allows for continual pressure adjustment, which can mean less labor.  It also offers the ability to run a group of parts at one time, further improving consistency and offering tolerances to +/-.002″ flat.

Whether you choose double faced grinding or hypro lapping it is important to know that both of these methods are well established and highly effective. Because of the demand for tight tolerances and exacting finishes, leaders in the medical device, food processing, and aerospace industries (just to name a few) rely heavily on the experts at Ring Masters. Not only do we offer the highest quality double faced grinding and hypro lapping available, but we are also on the cutting edge when it comes to our innovative computer controlled testing equipment capabilities.

If your next  project demands tight tolerances and perfect finishes, please visit Ring Masters’ website or contact one of our double faced grinding and hypro lapping experts today!

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