Keeping Vehicles Safely Driving with Ring Masters

At Ring Masters, we deal with a number of different major U.S. and global industries. One of the biggest of these is the automotive industry. As you might imagine our bearing and retaining rings are utilized for a wide variety of applications within this massive industry. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important automotive uses for our rings.

1. CV Joints

Over the years, we have found that many of our innovative rings find their way into CVJs or Constant Velocity Joints. These often overlooked powerhouses put the “drive” in your vehicle’s drivetrain. Whether you have front or rear wheel drive, CV joints use constant rotational speed and variable angles with limited friction to transmit power through your drive shaft. The CVJ is a male/female part that has a groove inside of the female part that holds the rings that we make at Ring Masters.  When the male part is added, it is our ring that holds it in place, thus allowing the CVJ to do its job. Without the proper ring, the entire drivetrain will fail. Therefore using the highest quality rings means increased safety for everyone involved.

2. Bearings, Axles and Beyond

It would take hundreds of blogs to truly explain all the intricacies of how our rings play a role in automotive bearing and axle applications. A general overview is that our bearing rings have outstanding tolerance enhancing benefits for everything from bearings, to axles, to many other engine components. The key, as with CV joints, is the level of safety they bring to the vehicles we drive everyday.

One way Ring Master can guarantee a certain level of safety is by utilizing industry-leading heat-treating services. This allows our bearing and retaining rings to remain in place, which in turn keeps you and your family driving safely. The best way to explain how our rings keep you safe is trying to imagine a soda bottle without the cap, it just won’t work.

At Ring Masters, we are extremely proud to play such a major role in keeping the world’s cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles running smoothly and safely 24-7-365.

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