Ring Masters Top 3 FAQs

For over 50 years, Ring Masters, LLC has been a leading manufacturer of high quality Retaining Ringretaining rings. We’ve stayed on top for so long because we have always made it a top priority to be a flexible, rapid response, and service oriented company.

In this vein, we thought it would be a great idea to introduce who we are by answering our customers Top 3 most frequently asked questions.

Question 1: Does Ring Masters stamp or wire form their rings?

A: Turns out we are wire formed for a number of different reasons. First, wire formed rings are a constant section and have no variation.  In most cases, this offers a more consistent fit. Also because of reduced scrap loss, wire forming is much more cost effective.

Question 2: What are the end markets that utilize retaining rings?

A: We find retaining rings are popular in the automotive (transmissions), aerospace, bearings, fluid power (hydraulic cylinders), and heavy equipment (agriculture) industries.

Question 3: Are parts in the industry designed specifically for customer?

 A: Yes.  We design for specific applications. Because the retaining rings do so many different jobs, they really do need to be designed and engineered for each customer. Companies like Ring Masters have a long history of designing parts for numerous industries and applications

We hope that by answering some the most FAQ’s in the retaining ring industry, we can give you an insight into who we are and what we do at Ring Masters.

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